Increase job satisfaction and motivation

A company’s most important asset is its employees, as they have all the insights needed to answer an organization’s most important questions. Our processes are based on taking advantage of each individual’s inherent knowledge and commitment – from the management team throughout the organization.

PQM-systems is a digital platform that supports the company with processes for leadership and employee development. Our concept of working methods and digital tools maps and improves the development of the company’s most important resources, the people.

  • Achieve your strategic goals through employees with sustainable development plans
  • Transform strategic goals into operational activities for each individual
  • Set the right development plans – PQM systems support both managers and employees
  • Work preventively with stress and imbalance in work and private life

PQM Systems gives you tools for optimizing development opportunities and work-life balance for employees. With better follow-up, the psychosocial work environment is also improved.

  • Tests to measure the current situation for the individual and the organization
  • Exercises and a new method for an effective employee appraisal
  • Digital platform for goals and activities for each employee and which gives leaders an overview
  • A continuous process for evaluation, reflection, and new improvements.
  • Increase motivation and productivity among employees
  • Support managers in conversations and follow-up of employees with an efficient process
  • Become an attractive employer with a system that takes care of employees and works proactively for work-life balance.
  • Reduce sick leave due to psychosocial ill-health

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