Work-life balance in relation to your life phase – WLB index

Problems due to poor work-life balance over the life course is a growing challenge. Studies show that employees with work-life conflicts suffer up to 12 times more from burnout.

Creating a perfect balance between work and private life is a utopia. What does it really mean? Talking only about the individual’s balance between working life and private life gives a one-dimensional picture of how the individual experiences their everyday life and their use of time and focus.

To create our WLB index, we have looked at two factors:

  • How do you experience your balance between working life and private life?
  • What phase of life are you in?

Just looking at the perceived balance between working life and private life becomes too easy. You must take into account the individual’s phase and focus investigate this site.

  • If you are a person who focuses on your career and is in a phase where possible, then a WLB balance that is high on working life is good.
  • Are you in the middle of family life and focus on children and activities? Then you need to adapt your work situation and goals so that they fit your life phase. Everything to get the most out of work without getting into imbalance and stress.

Work-life balance index

How can you work with the work-life balance of the company?

Many companies today have policies for WLB, but they do not permeate the entire company or add value to the organization. Therefore, it is important for companies to integrate efforts for WLB into the company’s strategy to generate the benefits for both the company and the employees. Important factors for the success of the integration are that the strategy coincides with the company’s vision, goals, and values. The company’s management and managers must show commitment and acceptance for the strategy.

Research shows that there are several advantages for an organization to work with activities that promote Work-Life Balance:

  • Companies that include a WLB plan in their personnel policy increase the staff’s social satisfaction, which in turn leads to lower staff turnover and higher productivity
  • This means a competitive advantage and is a way of preserving and attracting new, qualified and well-educated workforce
  • Through the WLB program, organizations can convey a picture of being modern, flexible and a workplace that is concerned about the employees.

There is no universal solution for efforts to promote a balance between working life and private life. Rather, the methods must be adapted according to the organization’s conditions and the professional environment.

PQM systems include:

  •     Tests to create the WLB index
  •     Presentation of an index for the organization, departments, and individually
  •     Exercises and programs for personal development
  •     Standardized tool for the employee interview
  •     Program for habit changes
  •     Personal project tool for goals
  •     Access via web and app (iOS and Android)
  •     Statistics and reports on the web
  •     Own page for user administration
  •     Tech Support